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September 19, 2011

Great Kids Books: Snug House, Bug House! by Susan Schade

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I let my daughter pick out a big on our last trip to Half Price Books and she chose this one.  It was published back in 1994 by Random House for Young Readers so being an oldie I’ve never heard of it.  I was shocked that even not having read it before and thus not having it memorized she browsed through it the entire ride to the shopping center and the entire time I was shopping in Kohls.  If anyone has ever taken a 4 year old shopping you know it’s hard to keep the whining in check so I was amazed.  She just loved looking at the pictures and guessing what was going on.

When bed time rolled around I finally read it to her and it was the cutest book.  If you are working on rhyming with your child this is a great story.  It has a nice rhythm and repetition that it makes it easy for the kids to follow.  My daughter has been hooked on this site words video and knows a few words here and there but now she easily recognizes “it” and can spell it so she loves “reading” the book to me.

The story itself is also fun.  It’s about a group of bugs that find a tennis ball, think up a plan to turn it into a house and then follows them as they build the house.  The illustrations are adorable and humorous and I will admit this is one of my favorites to read to my daughter at night.

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Activity Idea

I think I recall having some old tennis balls that don’t bounce any more.  Hopefully if I haven’t thrown them out I was thinking of trying out an activity with K in relation to this book.  I plan on letting her paint or draw windows, doors, etc on the ball and glue some leaves or grass for the roof like they did in the book.  I’m going to let her decide how she wants to decorate it so we will see how that turns out.

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