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September 22, 2011

Target Kid’s Bedding 75% Off

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So I had to report for Jury Duty selection today which sucked because it meant I missed my daughter’s picture taking day at school.  On the plus side though during the lunch break I went over to Target and the bedding I’ve been eyeing for my daughter finally went 75% off.  The only problem was there were so many cute options I couldn’t decide on which one to get.  So I went and bought all the ones I liked and let Kaitlyn picked the 2 she liked and my mom ending up wanting one for herself and one for my niece.  I also picked one up for a friend so it all worked out in the end.  I highly suggest you go check it out if you need some children’s bedding.  Here are the ones I picked up.  I’ll be returning a few tomorrow but still wanted to show them since they were so cute.

There were several other bedding sets and sheets on clearance too.  So you should check out your own store’s selection.

One thing I did find that kind of sucked was that Kaitlyn has a full size bed and the full size stuff costs more than the twin size bedding 😦

One of the ones she did keep was this quilt for $12.48

This was the other ones she chose to keep.  It was also $12.48

This one is for my niece. It was another quilt for $12.48

I can’t find the exact one I got for my friend on the Target site but it looked something like this and was only $8.74.

This quilt was $16.24

This one was also $16.24. I thought it was adorable!

This one was a 7 piece set so a little pricier at $17.48 but it wasn’t one of the ones Kaitlyn wanted to keep so back it goes.

I’ll be returning this bedskirt that was $4.74 since she didn’t pick the comforter that it went with.


I can’t find the other 2 comforters but they were only $11.24 but I will be returning one and the other one my mom kept.

I’ll also be returning this Disney Princess Fur Blanket that was $3.74.

If you need shower hooks these were just $2.48

They also had several different decorative wall decals like this one for $3.24


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