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October 8, 2011

Ardenwood Farm Part 1: Picking Corn

Filed under: Outdoor Activities — by dsuzuki @ 8:44 pm

Looking for a way to wear out the kids?  Try looking for a place to pick corn which is the perfect outdoor activity this time of year.  My daughter’s preschool had a family outing today at Ardenwood Farm.  She had a blast.  And just when you think the kids never listen she surprised me by telling me “mommy, you have to twist them to break them off.”  I asked how she knew that and she told me she heard someone else say that.

I didn’t realize how much lady bugs must enjoy corn fields.  We saw a ton of them.  Red ones, orange ones and green ones.  Check out this little fella.  They were all over the corn stalks.

We also ran into a couple peacocks.

It was a long morning but the Indian corn was gorgeous!  Apparently the yellow ones can be dried out and popped in a brown paper bag to make apparently some delicious popcorn.  I loved the colors of the other ones.  It’s too bad I can’t post a clearer close up.  Some of them have the most amazing marbled look to them.

We also spent some time checked out the trees and different types of leaves we could find around the farm.  Some pictures and craft projects to come.


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