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October 8, 2011

Ardenwood Farm Part 1: Picking Corn

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Looking for a way to wear out the kids?  Try looking for a place to pick corn which is the perfect outdoor activity this time of year.  My daughter’s preschool had a family outing today at Ardenwood Farm.  She had a blast.  And just when you think the kids never listen she surprised me by telling me “mommy, you have to twist them to break them off.”  I asked how she knew that and she told me she heard someone else say that.

I didn’t realize how much lady bugs must enjoy corn fields.  We saw a ton of them.  Red ones, orange ones and green ones.  Check out this little fella.  They were all over the corn stalks.

We also ran into a couple peacocks.

It was a long morning but the Indian corn was gorgeous!  Apparently the yellow ones can be dried out and popped in a brown paper bag to make apparently some delicious popcorn.  I loved the colors of the other ones.  It’s too bad I can’t post a clearer close up.  Some of them have the most amazing marbled look to them.

We also spent some time checked out the trees and different types of leaves we could find around the farm.  Some pictures and craft projects to come.

October 4, 2011

Fun with Pipe Cleaners

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My four year old wanted to color but her 14 month old brother kept bugging her.  So I thought I would try an activity I saw on No One Has More Fun Than the Adams.  All it took was pipe cleaners that we already had and a colander.   My son was only interested in pulling them out and throwing them in the air but my daughter had a ton of fun with it and totally abandoned coloring.

It started off small enough…

and then it grew…

and grew…

She called it her pokey, pokey hat 🙂  She also got pretty creative trying to make shapes with the pipe cleaners and then use a second pipe cleaner to hook the triangle onto the “hat”.  I was also a little surprised when she made the observation that it was funny how the pipe cleaner fit in all the holes, even the smallest ones near the bottom.  She figured it was because the pipe cleaners were soft and could squish through the small holes.

Here was the final product.

October 2, 2011

Press Here by Herve Tullet Play Date

I was fortunate enough to get a preview of this book when I visited the Chronicle Books office in San Francisco. I knew my daughter would love it so I pre-ordered it and got it yesterday. We read it for the first time tonight and it was an instant hit that required reading it 3 times. I had to put my foot down that it was time for bed and we would read it again tomorrow. The concept was so cute and it’s great for those kids who love interactive books. It opens up with a yellow dot and instructions to press on the dot. When you turn the page you now have two yellow dots. The whole book has step by step directions to do things like pressing dots, tilting the book, shaking the book and seeing what happens as the dots multiply and move around. My daughter was amazed that pressing a dot would make them multiply or change color and was giggling the whole time waiting to see what would happen on the next page. She really got into it as it had you clapping your hands to make the dots grow larger. There are just so many great things about this book. It definitely lived up to my expectations and was so much fun to read to my daughter. I highly suggest this book to everyone with kids.

Review originally posted on my old blog Munchkin’s Book Journey.

My daughter enjoyed this book so much that when I had a play date where we going to read books and do a craft this was one of my first choices.  We read teh book and then I had a bunch of different sized dots for the kids to make their own picture with.  I’ve been able to freehand draw a circle but luckily I have all kinds of circle templates around to use-Gerber snack bottle top, Snapple drink top, chapstick container & a chocolate container top. 🙂

I loved the pictures the kids made and they were very proud of them.  Here’s Kaitlyn’s.

And a few of her friends’:

We also read Pinkalicious so keep an eye out for that post soon.

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