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November 11, 2011

Mailbox for letters to Santa & fine motor skills

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My son has just started getting into this shape sorter toy:

He has the circle down pretty well but is still having a hard time with the other shapes.  So I decided to try taking a step back and try something a little simpler.  I had this spare box and decided to make a “mailbox” for the kids to play with.  I cut a rectangular hole in the top and another one on the bottom front so things would fall out after they dropped them in the top slot.

My daughter decorated it and we labeled it “Letters for Santa”.

Since we had the markers already out I gave a few to my son and showed him how to drop them in.

He had a blast with it.  I’ve also tried giving him some of the linkin log sticks and some of my daughter’s flash cards to drop in.  The cards were the hardest for him and he didn’t seem to enjoy that as much without the heavy thunk and seeing the pens and sticks rolling out the bottom so we went back to the markers and sticks.  Surprisingly my daughter really got into it too.

So this activity seemed like a success and my son definitely got the idea of dropping things in the slot.  I will continue to let him play with the shape sorter but hopefully having this as well will help keep down the level of frustration for him.

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