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December 19, 2011

Christmas Tree Ice Cream Cones

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I saw this cute activity on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for my daughter to do.  If it involves frosting, candy and Christmas she is so there.  A few friends ended up popping by and I thought it would be fun to have the kids do it together.  It was funny seeing the different approaches each child took.

I put out a plate of frosting (note for next time probably best if each child has their own plate of frosting), various candies and sprinkles for decorating and each person got a sugar cone to decorate.  The younger set went straight to eating the cone, forget frosting them. lol.

Then the older ones ranged from spots of frosting here and there as more frosting made it into their mouths than on the cones.  Yes, that is my girl.

Then there was the meticulous ones who made sure the cone was completely covered in frosting first.

Then came the decorating.  It started off with just a tiny bit of sprinkles…

Then the candies started making it into their mouths…

And then it evolves into this…

You knew it was going to happen right?

Don’t ask me how those blocks ended up in there too.

Because more must be better right?

So notice how none of the cones look like the example from Pinterest. My friends asked how could I stand just watching the kids go at it. I figured as long as they are having fun who cares what they look like right?  Just a few suggestions if you decide to try this.  I would put a tarp or blanket down under the table.  I did put the tables on our tiled area but getting all those sprinkles cleaned up was a pain.  Thank goodness for one of my friends who literally was on her hands and knees wiping them up.  And second, not the best idea to do this before dinner time. lol.

We all had a blast and we wish you a Happy Holidays!

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