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January 4, 2012

Not a Box by Antoinette Portis

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This was a book we actually got last  year and have just revisited after doing some re-organization of my daughter’s book shelves.  It’s a fun book about all the things the rabbit is using his “not a box” for.  He can be putting out the fire in a burning building, in a rocket ship, on the top of a mountain, etc.  The illustrations and text are simple but so much fun for the kids to go through as they start imaging what the box could be.  Definitely a great book to pick up for the kids with the active imagination.

And since I did most of my holiday shopping online this year we ended up with a ton of boxes so here are a few of the “it’s not a box” things my kiddos came up with.

They were playing around in this Target box while I worked and one side busted open so they turned it into a bed.

Then came the Amazon box that became their “house”.

My daughter also decided her care bear needed a bed that had a leash attached to it and then proceeded to drag it all over the house.  Of course this led to some arguments once my son wanted to get into the action and have a turn dragging it around.  Not quite sure why that was so interesting to them.  It also led to a late night box search as she had decided to use my pillow as the mattress as her “mattress”.

Then right before the holidays we got a kids picnic table in this huge box (not sure why they sent it in such a big box).

Kaitlyn wanted a train which I didn’t even know how to start so I figured well how about some windows.  Of course both kids had to help “decorate” while I was cutting.

The kids were just having too much fun bouncing around inside of the box that the “train” never got very far but when some friends came over they still had a fun time riding the train.

My friend even got involved by “punching” their train tickets.

Later on we also served “ice cream” and “donuts” to customers through the window.  It was actually kind of funny how much fun the kids had with this box since we ended up returning the picnic table.  The better toy seemed to be the box.

All in all boxes were probably the most played with items on the holiday season.  Check out our:


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  1. Ha-ha, love it. So cute. My 9-month old’s at the age where it’s the wrapping paper that gets the biggest reaction.

    I’ve desperately tried to keep the volume of toys she has down to a meaningful level but it’s so difficult because friends and relatives naturally want to treat her.

    I recently conducted research on behalf of Unicef exploring materialism and children’s well-being in the UK. It highlights how parents will often buy ‘stuff’ (and brands) for their children to have that immediate short-term gain of making them happy. But the underlying issue is that parents in the UK often don’t have (or feel unable to make) sufficient time for their children.

    Taking the time to help feed their imaginations like this is just wonderful!

    Comment by Sally Panayiotou — January 5, 2012 @ 1:32 am |Reply

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