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January 22, 2012

Raining Rainbows

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I came across this experiment on Pinterest as usual and since my husband had some cheap shaving cream we decided to give it a whirl.  We used an empty plastic candy jar, filled it with water and then the shaving cream.

Initially I put the food coloring in measuring spoons since my four year old daughter tends to get food color happy when squeezing the bottle but I finally caved and just let her add it as she wished.

It was very cool watching the food coloring slowly make it’s way through the shaving cream and “rain” down into the water.  (I have to admit I probably was more excited than she was though) lol. Though she did have fun trying to predict which color was going to seep through next.

While my husband and I were busy watching the colors rained down she was raring to go and start mixing things up and it was pretty neat watching the swirling, cloudy look at the shaving cream started to mix with the water.  On a side note-I found it funny that as her grandpa walked by he asked very warily what were we making and if that was dinner.  Heehee.

My 18 month old wanted to get in on the action as well.

Once that was all said and done it seemed like such a waste to toss it out right away.  So I pulled out a cookie sheet and let the kids finger/hand paint on it using the colored shaving cream.  Little did I know how messy it would get because my son got so excited and started clapping his hands which sprayed the shaving cream all over the kitchen.

We ended up doing it twice mostly because I think they kiddos enjoyed the playing with the cream with their hands more so than watching the rainy rainbows.  But hey, as long as they have fun right?


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