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April 15, 2012

Pinkalicious Fairies

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A friend of mine was throwing a Pinkalicious birthday party for her daughter the other week and to  get my daughter into the mood I decided to make her a pinkalicious fairy crown (don’t dare call it a princess crown because my four year old will immediately say she does not like princesses mommy!).

I had a bunch of ribbons and stuff from a Party City clearance sale I picked up awhile back after my daughter had seen some crowns at a street fair and was begging for one.  I wasn’t about to pay I believe it was $15 dollars for something I felt I could make at home myself.  So I gave it a whirl and she loved it.  Her smile when I took the picture cracked me up.

Pinkalicious crown

I basically took some of a silver party wire decoration (sorry don’t know what it’s called) that was covered in silver & had stars covering it and shaped in a circle that fit my daughter’s head.  Then I took 3 or 4 different shades of pink ribbon and tied them around the section where I had twisted the wire closed so she wouldn’t get poked by the edges.  I tossed in a few strands of white ribbon as well to add a little contrast.  Curled it with a pair of scissors and voila!  Cost me a couple dollars to make and she was happy & has been wearing it every day since.

Of course my 21 month old got jealous and kept trying to steal her crown so I had to make one for him as well.  Luckily I also had some blue ribbons so I made one for my son as well.

Blue prince crown

Once my daughter saw his crown she wanted some blue added to hers and not wanting to be sexist I added them for her.

A touch of blue

And the two kiddos together.

Two fairies

It really turned out to be easier than I expected and am so glad I didn’t pay for that one at the street fair.  I would have liked to add maybe some tulle but didn’t have any and seemed silly to go out and buy some just for this.  Still, love my two little fairies.

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