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April 30, 2012

More brown paper bag art

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If you saw our Earth Day activity post you know I’ve been trying to find ways to re-use all the extra brown paper bags we have lying around.  I found that they are great for painting.  I cut the bags open and tape them on our table using extra painter’s tape we had lying around.  The paper bags are thick enough I can squirt the paint right on top of it and let the kids go at it.

Paper Bag Painting

I was chopping carrots and celery so I thought why not let the kids try painting with them to see what shapes they get.

Carrot Painting

And I have these bags full of bio-degradable packing pieces that I’ve been meaning to dissolve and get rid of but figured why not let them try painting with them as well.  The kids had so much fun trying all these different ways of painting my daughter and I started looking for other items they could try.  We sliced an almond in half and made “teardrops” and made flowers using some stale cookies that were going to be thrown out.

Cookie Painting

My son enjoyed the popcorn painting the most by far.

Popcorn painting

Overall, I got to prep dinner, the kids had a blast and because the bags covered such a large area most of the paint was contained on the paper though my son did manage to get a few spots on the table and chair.  I loved that the thickness of the paper bags kept the paint from the table, I didn’t have to go use fresh paper and that was two more brown paper bags down. 🙂

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