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June 13, 2012

I Can Be Anything! by Jerry Spinelli

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I Can Be Anything! by Jerry Spinelli

I just picked this up at the latest Scholastic Warehouse Sale and you know those books that make both your kids AND yourself laugh?  This was one of those.  It’s a fun tale about all the things a person could grow up to be but it’s not the type of jobs one would expect.  There is a pumpkin grower which my daughter immediately nixed-too hard! She says.  Or you could be a puppy snuggler which she said- yes, yes that’s what I’ll be (and if I couldn’t agree more that it would be an awesome job.).  There were other fun things like puddle stompers, paper  airplane folders and a host of other jobs listed in a fun rhyming list.  In the end it emphasizes that really you can choose to be whatever you want.

What made this book a lot of fun was it was filled with all of my four year old’s favorite activities.  Whenever it rains she can’t wait to pull on her rain boots and go stomping in puddles, she’s a natural cuddler and would make a great puppy snuggler and though I don’t let her chew gum she’s a huge fan of bubbles and says her first choice would be to go around popping bubbles.

This is a cute tale that will encourage your child to let their imagination go wild and think about what they want to be when they grow up.  I’m not sure if any of these will bump out her desire to be an astronaut but she had fun thinking about them.

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