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September 28, 2012

What Are We Reading?

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One one of my online book club boards someone asked what are we all reading to our kiddos.  I realized we read so many awesome books that I never get to highlight since I tend to stick with the ones we have a related activity for.  Some of these other books are wonderful and favorites of my kids.  So here is what we have been reading and the kids are going crazy over.

My 5 year old is hooked on our Usborne Look Inside and See Insider series.  The Look Inside books are geared towards 3 yrs & up and the See Inside are supposed to be for 7 yrs & up but both series fascinate her.  Right now we are on the last couple pages of See Inside How Things Work.  I love these books as well because honestly a lot of it is new to me or a refresher of my long ago science and history classes.  We typically do 1-2 pages a day because there are so many lift the flaps on each page and so much information that my daughter likes to discuss.  One of the first topics was about pulleys which we spend a ton of time on because she wanted to read all the flaps, go through the pictures on each page and try and figure out for herself where the balls started and where they would end up as the pulleys and gears moved them along.

See Inside How Things Work

Up next is Look Inside Space which we had started before but my two year old had hid and we recently found it again.  My 5 yr old loves reading about the planets, solar system, rockets, etc. so we are excited to get back to this one.

Look Inside Space

My 2 year old is on a Dust Bunnies kick right now.  We started off with Rhyming Dust Bunnies which was a favorite of my daughter as well.  Since he loved it so much and we were reading it about 10 times a day I borrowed Here Comes the Big, Mean Dust Bunny! from the library to mix it up a little.  He has both books memorized and has to have it nearby at all times.  He was so upset and constantly walking around the house looking for “big, mean dust bunny” after I returned the library copy I finally bought him his own copy.

Rhyming Dust BunniesBig Mean Dust Bunny

So that’s what has been filling our reading time with the kiddos lately.

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