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December 31, 2011

More Space Exploration

If you have been following us for awhile you know that my four year old has been on a space kick lately so since I had two weeks off from work over the holidays we went to the Chabot Space and Science Museum.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to actually use a telescope since their viewing times were at 7:30pm on Friday and Saturdays so it runs into her bed time but she still had a great time.  I was actually surprised how often she has asked to go back since then.

There were a bunch of interactive displays that she loved playing with.

And she finally got to see the footsteps on the moon.

She also totally shamed me by landing on the moon on her first try with daddy while I crashed.

Her first experience in the Planetarium.  We saw two shows.  The first one about astronauts was actually kind of creepy and after that she didn’t want to go to the second show until it was almost time to leave.  We saw one about the history of the telescope which was actually really good.

She got to see herself on the moon’s surface.

Since she didn’t get to use the telescope at the museum Santa brought her a special Christmas gift:

We weren’t able to find anything good that first night and it’s been cloudy since but hopefully we’ll be able to see something soon.  If you are ever in the Oakland, Ca area I would suggest stopping by this museum.  I think 4 is a little young unless your child is really a space buff but definitely fun for the 6+ boys and girls.

October 8, 2011

Ardenwood Farm Part 1: Picking Corn

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Looking for a way to wear out the kids?  Try looking for a place to pick corn which is the perfect outdoor activity this time of year.  My daughter’s preschool had a family outing today at Ardenwood Farm.  She had a blast.  And just when you think the kids never listen she surprised me by telling me “mommy, you have to twist them to break them off.”  I asked how she knew that and she told me she heard someone else say that.

I didn’t realize how much lady bugs must enjoy corn fields.  We saw a ton of them.  Red ones, orange ones and green ones.  Check out this little fella.  They were all over the corn stalks.

We also ran into a couple peacocks.

It was a long morning but the Indian corn was gorgeous!  Apparently the yellow ones can be dried out and popped in a brown paper bag to make apparently some delicious popcorn.  I loved the colors of the other ones.  It’s too bad I can’t post a clearer close up.  Some of them have the most amazing marbled look to them.

We also spent some time checked out the trees and different types of leaves we could find around the farm.  Some pictures and craft projects to come.

September 18, 2011

Bubble Snakes

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It was such a nice day we decided to try out a new activity I had prepped the other day thanks to this pinterest pin.  Another project that we already had all the supplies lying around the house for.


  • Empty water bottles (I suggest stronger bottles, if you use really cheap ones the pressure of the rubber band will cause them to crumble.)
  • Old washcloth
  • Rubber Bands


1. Cut bottom off of your plastic bottle. Cut fabric into a circle large about 2 inches larger than the bottom of the bottle.

2. Put washcloth piece over bottom of bottle and secure with a rubber band.

3. Put some bubbles in a bowl and dip washcloth end of bottle into solution.

4. Gently blow into open end of bottle.

MAKE SURE NOT TO SUCK IN THROUGH BOTTLE! You will end up with a mouth full of bubbles as my daughter learned.

These were a lot of fun to play with.  Both she and my 1 yr old had a blast chasing and catching the snakes.  My son even found that if he put his hand in the middle of one that was laying on the ground he made a hand print in the snake.  As they started to fly off my daughter was busy trying to catch the “clouds”.

Eventually things deteriorated into my daughter getting soaking wet so she tried to make a “body print” on the ground and watch how long it took for the wet spots to dry up.  It was a really warm day so she was amazed as you could actually watch the spots disappear.

September 17, 2011

World’s Best Bubble Recipe

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I hope my daughter isn’t the only one who never fails to accidentally tip over a bottle of brand new bubbles and next thing you know half the bottle is gone.  She was going through her bubbles like crazy and then it only got worse when we bought her a lawn mower toy that blew bubbles.  That thing went through a bottle of bubbles in two days.  It doesn’t help that if you tip it backwards the bubble liquid leaks out.  My 1 yr old kept trying to use it as a walker so we lost a lot of bubbles that way too.

When my son’s first birthday rolled around I decided to make my own bubble containers for the kids to use at the party and I found this great recipe on Pinterest, of course, and it was amazing.  It works so much better than the store bought bubbles, takes like 5 minutes to make and we had all the ingredients already.

1 1/2 quarts of water

1/2 cup light corn syrup

1 cup liquid dish soap

Mix water and corn syrup until completely blended. Slowly stir in soap. Will last several weeks in an airtight container.

My daughter drinks those Nesquik chocolate milk single serving size bottles sometimes so I saved a couple, removed the wrappers and poured the bubble solution into those containers.  We had some left over wands from other bubble containers that I saved so she just uses those.  I love it.  It makes me not cringe as badly when she spills it and if we run out I can whip up another batch instead of trying to figure out a time to make it to a store to buy more.

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