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May 15, 2012

Yes Day! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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Yes Day! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

I stumbled across this book when I looked up Duck! Rabbit! on Goodreads since my four-year old loved that one.  Yes Day! sounded like a cute book especially since I do felt bad telling my kids no all the time.  I picked it up from the library yesterday and pulled it out for bedtime reading tonight.  My four-year old really enjoyed as I suspected she would but I was surprise how much my 22 month old liked it as well.   It may be because his big sister was giggling most of the time and I’ll admit I hammed it up reading and acting out how excited the boy was over yes day.  Some of our favorite activities he got to do on yes day were eating outside which consisted of sitting on a tall ladder so he could eat on the dining table but from outside the window and staying up late lying outside under the stars and moon.  Ever since my daughter has developed this fascination with space she begs each night to go outside and see the stars and the moon and wishes on a star each night that she will see a shooting star.

The inside of the cover flaps also has funny illustrations and ways of saying “No!” for each day of the month until we reach Yes Day.  I skipped it at the beginning because I didn’t think the kiddos would get it but after the story was done I did read through them and they got a few laughs out of some of them. I think my son just enjoyed hearing “No!” over and over. lol.  I will admit to some guilt over how many of the “no” sayings I have used on my kids.

I wouldn’t be surprised after reading this one a few more times if my daughter starts asking for a yes day.

January 18, 2012

Little Oink by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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When I went shopping to buy two children’s books for our children’s holiday book swap with some of my friends I felt bad not picking up anything for my own daughter.  We love Little Pea and Little Hoot from Rosenthal so when I saw Little Oink I had to pick it up and browse through it.  It is the most adorable book!  We finally made our way to it last week and both my daughter and I love reading it together at bed time.  It’s about poor Little Oink who is envious of all his friends who get to clean up their rooms, put away their toys, etc. where as he is forced to turn his room into a pig sty before he is free to go play.  It cracks my daughter up when his parents say they still see toys in his toy box because I’m always telling to make sure she puts her toys back in her toy boxes.  In the end after his room is a proper pig sty Little Oink rushes off to play his favorite game, clean up house!  If you have little ones who are fans of the other “Little” books definitely pick this one up.  I think it is our favorite of the three we have read so far.  The kids will definitely get a kick out of a little pig who WANTS to clean up but can’t.