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December 19, 2011

Christmas Tree Ice Cream Cones

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I saw this cute activity on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for my daughter to do.  If it involves frosting, candy and Christmas she is so there.  A few friends ended up popping by and I thought it would be fun to have the kids do it together.  It was funny seeing the different approaches each child took.

I put out a plate of frosting (note for next time probably best if each child has their own plate of frosting), various candies and sprinkles for decorating and each person got a sugar cone to decorate.  The younger set went straight to eating the cone, forget frosting them. lol.

Then the older ones ranged from spots of frosting here and there as more frosting made it into their mouths than on the cones.  Yes, that is my girl.

Then there was the meticulous ones who made sure the cone was completely covered in frosting first.

Then came the decorating.  It started off with just a tiny bit of sprinkles…

Then the candies started making it into their mouths…

And then it evolves into this…

You knew it was going to happen right?

Don’t ask me how those blocks ended up in there too.

Because more must be better right?

So notice how none of the cones look like the example from Pinterest. My friends asked how could I stand just watching the kids go at it. I figured as long as they are having fun who cares what they look like right?  Just a few suggestions if you decide to try this.  I would put a tarp or blanket down under the table.  I did put the tables on our tiled area but getting all those sprinkles cleaned up was a pain.  Thank goodness for one of my friends who literally was on her hands and knees wiping them up.  And second, not the best idea to do this before dinner time. lol.

We all had a blast and we wish you a Happy Holidays!

December 11, 2011

Salt Dough Ornaments

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I’ve been seeing all sorts of salt dough ornament activities on Pinterest lately and decided it might be something my daughter would enjoy since she’s been begging to do some baking but we still haven’t finished the last batch of snickerdoodles we made.  This was my first time making these (at least since I was a kid) so I wasn’t sure about which recipe to use.  I ended up using this one:

4 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 & 1/2 cups of water

1. Mix flour and salt together

2. Slowly add the water while mixing and then knead the dough.

3. Roll out the dough and cut them into the shapes you want

4. Bake at 225 degrees for 1-2 hours

Notes for next time:

  • Definitely half the recipe next time.  She got tired out and bored by time she used about half of the dough
  • We tried adding some glitter to the dough and that didn’t work at all.  It just made the dough look a little dingy.  Not sure if it’s because we used some of the cheaper, finer glitter.
  • We also wanted to try coloring some of the dough and added the food coloring after we mixed everything.  It took a long time to get it to a dark enough color.  I think next time I may try adding the food coloring to the water before adding the water to the salt and flour.
  • Some of the ornaments were thicker than the others and I should definitely have baked them for longer (I baked them for one hour).  The tops looked good when I took them out but after they cooled off I turned them over and realized they didn’t bake all the way through to the bottom.

The next day my daughter and I decorated them.

I gave her some glitter glue and paint and let her go at it.  She insisted I had to do some too and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

And finally tying the strings onto them.

So all in all my daughter had a blast but definitely room for improvement next year.  I highly suggest everyone try this activity out with their kids and let their creative juices flow.


November 11, 2011

Mailbox for letters to Santa & fine motor skills

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My son has just started getting into this shape sorter toy:

He has the circle down pretty well but is still having a hard time with the other shapes.  So I decided to try taking a step back and try something a little simpler.  I had this spare box and decided to make a “mailbox” for the kids to play with.  I cut a rectangular hole in the top and another one on the bottom front so things would fall out after they dropped them in the top slot.

My daughter decorated it and we labeled it “Letters for Santa”.

Since we had the markers already out I gave a few to my son and showed him how to drop them in.

He had a blast with it.  I’ve also tried giving him some of the linkin log sticks and some of my daughter’s flash cards to drop in.  The cards were the hardest for him and he didn’t seem to enjoy that as much without the heavy thunk and seeing the pens and sticks rolling out the bottom so we went back to the markers and sticks.  Surprisingly my daughter really got into it too.

So this activity seemed like a success and my son definitely got the idea of dropping things in the slot.  I will continue to let him play with the shape sorter but hopefully having this as well will help keep down the level of frustration for him.

November 10, 2011

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

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Can you believe Christmas stuff has been in the stores since before Halloween?  Well, I finally decided why not just jump straight into it since money is tight and I wanted to give the kids something new to do.  I pulled out some left over boxes and Christmas wrapping paper I had bought on clearance last year and decided to try my hand at making a cardboard house.

While I was working on this the kids had a blast with some of the packing materials from the paper shredder box my parents had bought.  My daughter made these “bumper cars” for herself and her brother and even utilized some Halloween masks a friend had given us.

I covered up the boxes with some wrapping paper to give it a festive look.  Made some window frames, some Christmas presents and snowmen.

Finally the kids dove in and had a blast.