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January 3, 2012

Clean Mud Outdoor Activity

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I saw this pin about clean mud on Pinterest so had to try it out since my kids love to get down and dirty in the mud but of course it’s…well…dirty.  We never did get it to feel just like mud in my opinion (maybe not enough toilet paper?) but the kids still had a blast.  All we needed was a couple bins, water, dish detergent and toilet paper.  It did pain me to use toilet paper but they ended up not using very much and still had a great time.

I started each one out with their own tub so there wouldn’t be any arguing.

My son didn’t know what to make of the wet toilet paper and kept squishing it and throwing it out onto the grass which was kind of cute and funny to watch.

Since it was the holidays I decided to add a little Christmas cheer with food coloring.

Just in case you missed it I have to stress this is definitely an outdoor activity because as you can expect eventually they start pouring the water back & forth. So I gave them a bottle and a funnel for added fun.

Then of course you end up with this…

Which is not necessarily a bad thing because then they thought it was fun to “clean” the patio.

We ended the outdoor play with me spraying the patio down with a hose and the two of them running in front of the hose and getting soaking wet.  So I had to strip them down and take them straight into a warm bath.  So maybe a good idea if you need to get your kids into the bath tub 🙂