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November 17, 2012

Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

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Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

I can’t recall where I heard about this book but I requested it right away from the library. Ish is such a cute story for the kiddos and both 5 yr old and 2 yr old loved it!

Ramon is a boy who loves to draw.  He draws all the time and everywhere (my kids love that he even draws while on the potty).  One day his older brother laughs at his drawing because it doesn’t look like the vase of flowers he was drying.  Ramon feels so bad that he starts to crumple up all his drawings because they don’t look “right”.  He’s about to give up drawing when he catches his little sister snagging one of his crumpled drawings and chases her into her room.  There is is stunned to find her walls plastered with his discarded drawings.  She mentions that the vase of flowers is one of her favorites and he complains that it doesn’t look like a vase though.  She tells him no but it looks vase-ish!  This revelation frees his creativity again as he embarks on an ish drawing journey.  Not only does he draw things that are fish-ish and sunset-ish but also feelings like “peace-ish” and even starts to write poem-ish poems.

By the end my kids were cracking up over all the ish drawings. It also helped when my 5 yr old would get frustrated over her own drawings I would mention they look house-ish or bird-ish and she would giggle and be okay with her drawings.  This is a wonderful book to encourage kids to keep their creative juices flowing.

May 29, 2012

Tinker Lab #1: Dr. Seuss

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Ever since Earth Day and trying to think of ways to reuse items we would normally toss into the trash can or into our recycling bin I had been tossing around the idea of building “tinker lab” kits for my 4 year old. They are basically a bunch of items I set aside for future projects, scissors, glue and tape and instead of telling her what to do I just told her use her imagination and create whatever she wanted.

At first she was a little leery and said she didn’t know what to do but she quickly got into the spirit of things.  For this kit this is what I set out for her:

Tinker Lab

She started off making whiskers here for her Cat in the Hat:

Cat in the Hat Tinker Lab

I stepped back and just watched what she did without giving her any direction and she amazed me.

Cat in the Hat Tinker Lab

When she finally finished her Cat in the Hat she asked for my help in cutting the pink ribbon to “frame” her picture and she also requested some dried macaroni for the cat’s face but otherwise that was the extent of my help. I actually think she did a pretty darn good job making her Cat in the Hat from memory.

Final Cat in the Hat Tinker Lab

Sometimes I get so caught up in creating projects for my daughter to do and telling her the steps that I forget just how creative kids can be when you let them be in the driver’s seat.  She enjoyed this tinker lab so much we did another one later that night with a robot theme (post on that will be coming) and we also painting a “flower” using some cardboard and a straw.

She also cracked me up today when she decided she was going to tape this up on the wall and watch Cat in the Hat “on tv” and sat in a chair looking at her picture.  I asked her if the Cat in the Hat show was interesting and she said “not really, he’s just staring at me.” LOL. It made me wonder what she was expecting or thinking when she did this.