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April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

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Tomorrow we have a couple parties to attend so I decided to let the kids celebrate their Easter fun today.  So we had a busy day of Easter crafts, the final observations of our egg geodes experiment (post upcoming), opening their Easter basket goodies and eating Easter egg popsicles.

Here was the Easter basket I put together for the kids and can I say that my daughter was born to be in a Dizzy Dancer commercial?  She saw one of those short commercials that play on a display in Target and has been asking for one ever since.  I finally scored a deal on them for around $3 each and even though it’s for 4 yrs + I had to get one for my 21 month old as well otherwise fights would be inevitable.  When she started playing with it she kept saying “The new Dizzy Dancers are so awesome!” in one of those tv sales folks voices.  It cracked me up.

Easter Baskets

Dizzy Dancers

Both the kiddos are crazy about popsicles but I don’t like to give my son the full-sized ones.  Popsicle has these great mini popsicles that are about half the size which are great but they are so pricey!  I’ve been on the hunt for just the right size mould to make my own but haven’t had much luck.  I came across this pin on Pinterest about using Easter eggs for moulds and thought why not give it a try.

My husband drilled a hole in the bottom of each egg and then I used a thumb tack to make two air holes in each egg.  I didn’t have any mini funnels so I used one of our eye drops to fill each egg and then stuck in lollipop sticks left over from when I made lollipops for Christmas.

Easter egg popsicles

The kids got really excited over them and my daughter loved it but my son had a harder time with it once he got down to the bottom half of the shell.  I debated about removing the entire shell but didn’t want to worry about the drips as it melted.

Easter egg popsicles

Easter egg popsicleThe kids were pooped out and went down pretty easily for bed so hopefully no meltdowns during tomorrow’s parties.  Have a Happy Easter!