Adventures of the Non-Creative Mom

January 8, 2012

Light Table and Glow In The Dark Hide & Seek

Last year I made a cheap version of a light table using a plastic container, lined it with card board box scraps, put 3 tap lights inside and then taped some wax paper to the lid to diffuse the light a little.  It’s not the prettiest but it’s functional.  My daughter is still afraid of the dark so I’ve been trying to encourage her to get used to being in the dark so I whipped out the light table the other night.

For Christmas my daughter got this great magnet set from one of my best friends so I pulled out the translucent chips to let her and my 18 month old play with.  They both loved it.  I was storing them in a glass container and had a few smaller jars that I picked up from Ikea to store beads and other smaller items.  My daughter enjoyed sorting the different color tiles into different jars, mixing different colors together to see what color they would make and making pictures out of the circles.

My parents and I have been trying to work on colors with my son since unlike numbers, letters & sight words that he picked up with no problem he seems to be struggling with colors.  To him everything is blue.  So I tried pulling out different color tiles and going over the colors with him.  He quickly tired of this and instead preferred picking up each tile, putting it into a jar and then pouring one jar of tiles into another.  Not exactly what I had in mind but still it was great for his fine motor skills to pick up the tiles and get them into the relatively small mouth of the jar.  I was actually surprised how well he did pouring the tiles from one jar to another and how long it kept him fascinated.

Then my husband decided to break out the light sticks and I remembered an activity I saw on Pinterest about a glow in the dark hide and seek game.  I blew up a few balloons and stuck a light stick in each.  I didn’t turn on the flash so you can only see the light sticks in the picture but both kids loved throwing the balloons around in the dark and chasing after them using the glow sticks to find them.  One of the balloons had 2 glow sticks in them and that one looked really cool flying through the air.

Then I had my husband go into the living room and “hide” a few more glow sticks for the kids to find.  This is a picture with the flash on as my daughter found the first glow stick.

Once all of them were found we all joined in the fun of watching the effect of shaking the glow sticks around really fast.

This was my son’s favorite part and he was shaking that stick so fast and crazy I thought he was either going to knock someone out or at least poke an eye out.

These activities didn’t totally cure my daughter’s fear of the dark but at least she’s willing to try things with the lights turned out now and actually asks to play glow in the dark hide and seek now.  So maybe after awhile she will get used to it.  And if not at least we all had some fun with some new activities.