Adventures of the Non-Creative Mom

October 20, 2011

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry

This was another one of those books that we were checking out of the library so often and my daughter kept begging me not to return it and I would start racking up overdue fines.  I finally caved and just bought her a copy of her own.  It follows a giant squid’s journey through the ocean as it catalogs all the sea creatures that he is larger than.  He soon finds out he isn’t quite the largest thing in the ocean but still manages to find the up side after meeting something that is larger than he is.

My daughter just finds the squid so silly and she loves the part when he meets the whale that is larger than him and ends up in his tummy.  After reading it at night I have to leave this book in bed with her so she can flip through and look at the illustrations herself.  I sometimes hear her “reading” it to herself since she has it memorized before she falls asleep.

She loves doing arts and crafts so she started to create her own “ocean”.  First came the giant squid using a toilet paper roll.  I taped it up for her and cut up the legs and she colored and decorated it.  Then we moved on to creating a crab and turtle out of a paper plate and some construction paper.  She had a ton of fun painting them and making “happy” sea creatures.

Finally my attempt to cut out a whale which she thankfully recognized the shape and then she painted that as well.

Then we posted them all on a big sheet of paper that was the “ocean”.

She wanted to make the shrimp that were in the book as well but I hadn’t thought to cut out any shapes for that and I tried to convince her we could turn some macaroni into a shrimp but she wasn’t buying it.  So she was finally content to leave her ocean as is.