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March 14, 2012

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

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I just got back a few hours ago from the most wonderful author event put on by Books Inc.’s, Not Your Mother’s Book Club, and picked up some awesome sounding YA books.  As an added cherry on top of the event, the wonderful woman who organized the event suggested a few books for my four year old.  They were all ones that I had my eye one except for Stuck by Oliver Jeffers.  So I flipped through all her picks and finally went through Stuck and knew I just had to buy it.  I put it on top of my things so I would remember to pay for it on my way out.  At different times the other 3 children’s/YA book specialists from the various Books Inc. stores saw the book and raved about it so I was feeling good about my choice.

It is the cutest story that starts off with a little boy, Lloyd, getting his kite stuck in a tree.  He starts off throwing his favorite shoe to try and get it down, then proceeds on with more and more outlandish things like his cat, his neighbor’s house, a whale, etc.  The illustrations are adorable and I love how in addition to the story telling, the characters in the illustrations have little blurbs that my daughter enjoyed going through.  For most of the book both my daughter and I were giggling especially when Lloyd pulls out things like a ladder and instead of using it to climb the tree he instead throws it into the tree and of course… it gets stuck.

As soon as we finished my daughter was lifting the flap of the back cover hoping for more and when she realized there wasn’t any more she begged to read it again.  I will admit despite it being past her bedtime and having read the set number of books I usually limit her to at bedtime I gave in and read it again because I enjoyed the book that much as well.

As we said our goodnights I teased my daughter about all the things in her bed she could throw up to help get everything out of the tree and I am sure we will be reading this one again (multiple times) tomorrow.  Now I have to brainstorm about fun activities I can put together to go along with this book.  Any suggestions?