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June 14, 2012

It’s Snowing…in June?!

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Growing up in California my 4 yr old has yet to see snow and is constantly begging to go to Tahoe because she wants to make a snow angel.  Since we haven’t been able to go I finally broke out the packing popcorn that came in this huge box when I ordered one OXO pop lid container (don’t ask me why it required the huge box and all this popcorn.) and the kids were busy for hours!

I had been storing it in this container and as soon as I took the lid off the kids were in it.

packing popcorn

Then they thought it would be fun to go back and forth from this container to the huge box the above mentioned OXO container arrived in.  I kid you not the only thing that came in that huge box was I think a 1 gallon storage container.


Of course eventually everything got dumped and my daughter proceeded to make her snow angel!  My 22 month old didn’t have a clue what she was doing but figured it looked like fun.

Snow piles

Snow angels

Snow angels

The kids also used their trucks, bull dozers, etc to make roads through the “snow”, used washed strawberry containers as scoopers and just enjoyed tossing, pushing, squashing their “snow” around.

Isn’t it amazing the fun kids can have with things you would normally just toss out?  Who needs toys?