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December 19, 2011

Christmas Tree Ice Cream Cones

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I saw this cute activity on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for my daughter to do.  If it involves frosting, candy and Christmas she is so there.  A few friends ended up popping by and I thought it would be fun to have the kids do it together.  It was funny seeing the different approaches each child took.

I put out a plate of frosting (note for next time probably best if each child has their own plate of frosting), various candies and sprinkles for decorating and each person got a sugar cone to decorate.  The younger set went straight to eating the cone, forget frosting them. lol.

Then the older ones ranged from spots of frosting here and there as more frosting made it into their mouths than on the cones.  Yes, that is my girl.

Then there was the meticulous ones who made sure the cone was completely covered in frosting first.

Then came the decorating.  It started off with just a tiny bit of sprinkles…

Then the candies started making it into their mouths…

And then it evolves into this…

You knew it was going to happen right?

Don’t ask me how those blocks ended up in there too.

Because more must be better right?

So notice how none of the cones look like the example from Pinterest. My friends asked how could I stand just watching the kids go at it. I figured as long as they are having fun who cares what they look like right?  Just a few suggestions if you decide to try this.  I would put a tarp or blanket down under the table.  I did put the tables on our tiled area but getting all those sprinkles cleaned up was a pain.  Thank goodness for one of my friends who literally was on her hands and knees wiping them up.  And second, not the best idea to do this before dinner time. lol.

We all had a blast and we wish you a Happy Holidays!

November 20, 2011

Eye droppers, colors & snow flakes

Kaitlyn enjoyed this color mixing experiment so much she’s been begging to do more color activities.   So this time I decided to try out using an ice cube tray and threw in an eye dropper to help with her motor skills.  I added food coloring to come of the cubes and clear water in others and then let her go at the mixing.

It took a few tries to get the hang of the eye dropper but she eventually got it and had a ton of fun mixing up colors.

She made such beautiful colors it seemed a shame to waste them so I tore apart a piece of paper towel and let her drop the different colors on the paper towel and watch how they spread and mixed with each other.

Then I cut up a few snow flakes for her (yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve had to cut snow flakes so they aren’t the prettiest but she was satisfied) 🙂 and she colored those and wanted to hang them up in our play room.

November 6, 2011

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen + Activity

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Who says kids activities have to be fancy?  I always see such great preschool activities around the web that look like they were professionally staged and designed and shake my head thinking I will never be able to do something that nice.  Then days like this reminds me that kids don’t really care how perfectly done something is as long as they are having fun.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is one of Kaitlyn’s favorite books.  It follows a family who is going on a bear hunt on a beautiful day and they’re not scared.  Along the way they encounter all sorts of obstacles like tall wavy grass, deep, cold river, thick, oozy mud, etc.  They can’t go over it, can’t go under it gotta go through it.  And finally they find their bear which leads to a hilarious backwards trip towards home.  The illustrations and rhythm of the story are catchy and easy for parents and kids alike to memorize and read along together.

Over the weekend it got pretty nippy so the kids were stuck inside and getting a little antsy.  I didn’t have anything planned but I decided to fly by the seat of my pants and throw together a going on a bear hunt course for Kaitlyn.  First I had some green bubble wrap left over from a gift to create something rustly as she walked through the “tall, wavy grass”.

Then I threw one of our blue comforters on the ground to be the “deep, cold river” that she “splashed” through.

I couldn’t find anything brownish so I used one of our sitting pillows as the mud since at least it was squishy walking over it and she actually really liked it.

Then she went through the dark forest.  Again I didn’t feel like venturing outside to get sticks or anything so used some paper towel tubes and other random brown tubes to be the forest.  I at least attempted to make a tree top on one and used our “it’s a girl” flower to be some flowers in the forest. lol.

I skipped the snow storm since we were running out of space and I had no inspiration for what to use as a snowstorm so we headed on to the cave to find the bear…

Then came the really fun part as we ran back through the course and up the stair out of the play room for the running into the house part and then up another stair into our entry way for the running upstairs part and finally we hid under Kaitlyn’s blankie as we pretended to be in bed and deciding we’re not going on a bear hunt again.  But of course she had so much fun we had to do it all over again.  lol.

So yes, it was pretty ghetto and spur of the moment but she had a blast and that’s all that matters to me.

October 30, 2011

Eight Spinning Planets by Brian James & Russell Benfanti

My daughter picked this one out when I took her to a Scholastic Warehouse sale and it’s become one of her favorite books.  It has cut outs and raised, plastic, colorful planets and each page gives a short informational paragraph about the planet.  The only cover image I was able to find shows the planets showing up randomly on the cover but the actual copy we had ordered them based on their distance from the Sun.  I was surprised how quickly my daughter memorized each blurb about the planets and would actually start telling me about the planet before I even finished the first sentence on each page.  We would also have discussions about why people could not live on the other planets because they are either too cold, too hot, made out of gas, etc.

She’s been begging for an activity to do with the planets so I had to rack my brain to come up with something.  I was going to cut out felt planets but I wanted something she could really contribute more to.  So I cut out circles for each planet out of tissue paper (knew I was saving them from her birthday gifts for a reason) & construction paper.  I hollowed out the construction paper and glued it to the tissue paper just to make it easier to handle once she started painting.  Then she used water colors to paint each planet.  I told her she could paint them however she wanted but she wanted to follow the book.

Once they were dry I laminated them and we used them on my ghetto, homemade light box.

She then started putting the planets in the order she thought they were from the Sun.

She did amazingly well and just mixed up Jupiter and Saturn and Neptune & Uranus.

I think this book is perfect for the preschooler or kindergartener.  It was fun to read and teaches kids the basics.  It was also interesting that they included Pluto and stated that it was no longer considered a planet.  This was a nice point since she recently watched a Blues Clues episode about planets and that included Pluto.