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September 19, 2012

Salt Dough Stones

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I was flipping through the Summer issue of Disney’s Family Fun magazine and came across their Pebble Plaque activity.  It was a little too elaborate for my 5 and 2 yr old but I loved the idea of the kids making a decorative “stone”.

There are a bunch of different salt dough recipes but I basically followed the recipe from the Family Fun magazine but I halved it. Mix 1.5 cups flour, 1/2 cup salt and about 3/4 cup of water (I eyeballed the water to make sure it wasn’t too watery or to crumbly).  Knead it until smooth, divide it in half and then roll them out into circles.  I made one for each of my kids.

Then I left the kids go at it decorating.  We had some beads and ceramic tiles to use.  I wasn’t sure if the beads would melt or not but they made it through pretty well.


Ceramic Tiles

My 2 yr old did have a hard time grasping the concept of not squishing the tiles in so deep but he had a great time making his stone.

Proud 2 yr old

My daughter got quite elaborate with hers.

Pebble design

Once the kids were done we baked them at 275 degrees for about 2 hours.  I should have let them bake for longer because once they cooled and I lifted them off the foil I realized the bottom wasn’t as dry as I would have liked.  The beads survived but some needed to be glued down because they were loose but overall the kids loved them.

Final salt dough stone

February 27, 2012

“Stained Glass” Window

My brother and sister-in-law gave my 4 year old these clear chips off of our wish list at Discount School Supplies and we have been playing with them on a light table and just a white plastic cover.  Since I had to lay down some new contact paper in our kitchen cabinets I thought why not use the left over for a craft for the kiddos.  Just as a warning for those with younger ones my 19 month old got the most pleasure out of taking the can I stored the chips in and over turning it every chance he got.  My four year old on the other hand loved it and I was surprised how meticulous she was about finding just the right pieces she wanted to use.

Here is her work in progress up close.  Those are just popsicle sticks I washed and let dry because she really seems to like just gluing the sticks together to make odd shapes.  I used the sticks to create a “frame” and then let her go at it making her own design.  She really liked the little circle pieces and dug through the entire can looking for them.  She also liked the “teeth” pieces as she called one of the shapes. Can you tell which one she was talking about? 🙂

Once she was done laying down the pieces I put down a second piece of contact paper over it to keep everything together.

We had some random colored shoe laces that were never used so I tape them onto her “window” so we could hang it up.

This activity pretty much kept her busy until bed time and she already told me she wants to do another one because she “already has a picture in her mind” of what she wants to do.