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May 17, 2012

See Inside Your Body by Katie Daynes

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See Inside Your Body by Katie Daynes

Sometimes it pays to check out a book that you never would have picked up before.  If you saw my post the other week you know I signed up to be an Usborne consultant because I wanted to buy so many children’s books from them that it made more sense to buy their consultant kit and then I fell in love.  This See Inside Your Body book was one of the books included in the kit that I had never heard of before and I was not about to push a book I hadn’t read before so my 4 yr old and I picked it up for bedtime tonight.  She loved it!  And I will admit I learned some new things too and got a refresher of things I hadn’t remembered from school.

Initially when we opened it up it looked a little daunting with the illustrations of the human skeleton and all the words.  The flaps were the main reason she was willing to give it a try and once we worked through each flap and I started reading the little blurbs she soon became fascinated.  One page talked about the bones in our body and as we read through that we looked at our hands and legs and imagined what would it be like if they were made up on one big bone instead of smaller bones connected to form joints that let us bend and move.

Her favorite section was about the brain and how it passes messages to the rest of your body to tell you to swat a fly or her favorite, to tell you your foot stinks when you sniff your toes at the end of the day!  That had her giggling even after we had to put the book down and turn out the lights.

For those with 5+ year olds (or 4 year olds who enjoy more non-fiction type books) don’t let the subject matter or  the fact that this isn’t a story book put you off.  It’s a fascinating read and makes for a good discussion book about how your body works.  We looked at our joints and veins, took deeps breathes and exhales to see how our lungs and diaphragm feel as we filled our lungs and let the air out, talked about why scabs forms on cuts and picking at them can cause new bleeding and acted out silly messages our brains could send the rest of our body.  Definitely glad I was sent this book and that we took a chance on reading it tonight.  My daughter has already told me she wants to take this for Sharing Day at school tomorrow.