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June 9, 2012

Tinker Lab #2: Recycle Robot

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If you saw my first Tinker Lab post you know we’ve been doing a lot of recycling/upcycling of materials for our projects and I’ve been trying to let her do her own thing instead of me giving her instructions so she can just let her imagination run wild.  My daughter has been having a blast and here was the second project she did.  She used the materials to make her own “robot”.

What she started with…

Tinker Lab

She had made a beaded headband that she put on her robot, used the cap from a Go Go Squeez applesauce pouch, some googly eyes left over from previous projects and a couple straws I got on clearance at Michael’s last Christmas for $.25 a pack!  The body is an empty baby formula can I kept.


The only thing I helped with was punching the holes in the can for the arms. I had thought she would use the pipe cleaners for the arms but she surprised me picking out the straws.  She said it’s because the bendy straws would let the robot’s arms bend, duh!

Robot arms

After her experience with trying to glue the nose on and it’s constantly sliding around until the glue dried she decided to use scotch tape to tape on the mouth. (FYI-I found right after the back to school sales is the best time to stock up on scotch tape. Last summer I bought a bunch of tape for about $.20 for the 3 pack at Target and that was the Scotch name brand tape.)

Robot Mouth

She wanted a hat for her robot and was getting frustrated trying to make a cone so she finally asked me for help making it and then she taped it on.  Here’s the finished robot.

Finished Robot

I loved how she insisted the eyes had to be two different sizes and here she is hamming it up with her robot.

Robot Fun

I’m loving these projects.  They are no money out of pocket, lets her decide what she’s going to do and she never ceases to amaze me with what she comes up with for a 4 year old.