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May 13, 2012

Recycling: Treasure Box

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My husband bought some ginger tea that came in this pretty solid container that I knew was just waiting for an arts and crafts project for my four year old.

Tea Box

I had to do some work but I also needed to keep my daughter occupied so I whipped out this box and glued a piece of construction paper over the label on the box, laid out a bunch of random pieces of things she could use to decorate the box and a bottle of glue.

treasure box

As expected there was heavy glue usage but she had a great time decorating.

Treasure Box 2

And she was very proud of the finished piece.

Final Treasure Box

Once everything dried she was excitedly running around the house picking out her favorite items that she wanted to store in her treasure box.  I found it adorable that the first item was a picture of her cousin aka her “best friend”.

One of the greatest things about this project was a) I didn’t have to buy anything for it. We had the box from the husband’s tea, the tiles, snowflakes, etc were all left over pieces from past projects or Christmas gifts, b) it definitely kept her busy while I got some work done and c) it was something my daughter could actually use.