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February 19, 2012

Skippyjon Jones Shapes Up by Judy Shachner & the Shape Game

This was the latest Skippyjon Jones book we borrowed from our library.  Silly as usual while playing with shapes like hearts, circles, ovals, etc.  Other than the octagon nothing really new that my 4 year old didn’t know but she just loves watching Skippyjon’s antics.

Since my four year old daughter and I read this book and I am also working my 19 month old on his shapes and colors I decided to try out this game I saw on Pinterest. It was called Escape the Volcano Shape game and my kids loved it!  She provides a downloadable file for all the pieces and dice cut out which is awesome.  I printed them out and used my laminator to make them a little more durable since I knew the kids were going to be rough on them.  I’m so glad I did so especially for the dice.  I laminated it, scored the insides of where you had to make the folds and then taped it together.  Both kids got so excited about rolling the die that it got squashed multiple times but fortunately the laminate allowed the die to pop back into shape.

I initially thought only my daughter was going to get into it but my son  had so much fun watching her jump and sing and do all sorts of crazy things that he really got into it as well.  The shapes and colors were a breeze for my daughter so I would have my son tell me what shape she landed on and what color was it.

Then she would practice her reading to figure out what each piece said.  I was surprised how many sight words she now recognizes and she was able to sound out most of the other words.  There were some longer ones like “compliment” that stumped her but once I explained it I was pleasantly surprised with the things she came up with.  One task was to compliment someone and she said how sweet her “chubby cheeks” Michael was and the second time we played she said she loves how silky my hair is.  One of my favorites was watching her sing her favorite song which surprised me because she chose Rockabye Baby.

One thing I did learn after we played it the first time is definitely have to put the pieces closer together although I was impressed with how far my daughter did manage to jump.

And she also didn’t like that there were only 1s and 2s on the die.  So I used a sharpie to add a 3 side to it.  I think I am also going to create a few more pieces with other shapes like a star, oval and maybe a few other pieces.  I definitely suggest trying out this game.  It got the kids moving, laughing (loved watching her donkey kicks) and had a few surprises (like lollipops are her favorite treat).

February 9, 2012

Skippyjon Jones Color Crazy by Judy Schachner

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So I have an embarrassing confession to make that exhibits just how clueless and un-observant I can be at times.  Until we received a short book along with our Scholastic book order about Skippyjon Jones and what he can be by reading books I had no clue what these books were about.  A friend who works at Keplers mentioned Judy Schachner was coming to do story time awhile back and I figured “eh, never heard of her.”   Then about a month ago it was bedtime, we had rest our usual three books and my daughter was begging for just one more book.  She brought this one to me  and while I was curious about what this Skippyjon Jones craze was all about I just wanted to put her to bed and go rest myself.

I figured it was short enough so why not read it to her.  So here’s the embarrassing part…I was so tired and rushing to get through it that I took the first sentence “I’m Skippyjon Jones a Chihuahua to my bones!” quite literally and assumed he was a dog.  It wasn’t until we read another Skippyjon Jones book that I realized he was actually a CAT!  My husband laughed at me but come on…those big ears…the mask and he called himself a chihuahua for goodness sake.  Yes, I know still how unobservant can I be?

Ok, but now back to Skippyjon Jones Color Crazy.  My four year old is in love with these books so I had to request all the books my library system had because she kept begging for them.  This one quickly became one of her favorites.  It is about Skippyjon Jones drawing all sorts of things but with his own unique take on their colors.  He colors a pink sky, yellow grass, purple water, etc.  My daughter found this so silly she could not stop laughing and we would talk about what color should the sky really be or how would she like it if the sky were to be pink.  It’s made for a lot of fun bedtime discussions and I have to admit for some interesting pictures in the days following.  She even questions why in one of her games they only let her choose green to color the trees.  She was so put out that she could not color them purple. LOL.

This is definitely a book to check out for those Skippyjon Jones fans and for those kids who like to use their imagination to see the world in new ways.